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    The rise of China has been one of the most prominent themes in academics and business. With the whole world looking forward to the 2008 summer Olympic Games, it was a very exciting time to be in China this past summer. Through Kevin at ChinaSemester, I was able to find a great internship at a national research institute.

    One of our missions was to study and research competition policy in attempts to raise market
    competitiveness and improve social welfare. During the internship, I was able to utilize all my classroom knowledge as a foundation for everyday involvement and learning at the Research Center. This internship experience has been invaluable in helping me understand more about my education and career goals.

    Without ChinaSemester, this wonderful experience would not have been possible. Thank you.

    Finishing my studies in Beijing, I just started to search for a job in Beijing when ChinaSemester contacted me for an interview as a Marketing Executive in a famous International School. Kevin even accompanied me and gave me good advice to get the job. After a couple of interviews I succeeded. I am now working there and enjoying very much.

    Thank you ChinaSemester!

    I was back to China for a short holiday this year. By chance I found Kevins website and there was a job ads caught my attention. This work position was required to work Huhhot where is the capital of Inner Mongolia, proudly, its my hometown. I sent my CV and got a phone call from Kevin a few days later.

    Now I work in my hometown. I work for a ceramic company, it’s full of enjoyment. Most importantly, after left home for over 12 years, now I can have dinner with my Mum and Dad every night.

    Count yourself lucky if you ever happen to meet this guy or get his service.

    As demanded by the marketplace led me the opportunity to have an "Equal Employment Opportunity" with ChinaSemeter a program provider that guarantees the experience that maintains an internal database of recruiter reputations that I can cherish for a lifetime. I have received a guaranteed great deal of privilege to teach with best possible quality and rewarding teaching career."

    For ChinaSemester esp. Kevin ...I salute you guys for the job well done more power and THANKS a Million!!!

    At first I was a little bit sceptical about having to pay the placement fee but it all turned out okay. Thanks to ChinaSemester I found a company I was hoping to work for and successfully signed an employment contract.
    Professional service, friendly people and quick response. My recommendation.

    I am completing my junior year at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA as an economics major. As I will be graduating at the end of next year, I can not think of a better way to gain the experience I will need to secure a quality position with a multinational next summer. Thank you all at ChinaSemester and I owe this experience to you and your staff.

    I spent quite a long time looking for employment in Beijing and finally came across ChinaSemester. I was very pleased at their high level of service and professionalism and would recommend them to anyone who seeks employment in China. I am now working full time and I really like my job. If it werent for ChinaSemester, Id probably still be unemployed. Many thanks!

    I am glad to render this letter of appreciation for ChinaSemester. Before, in Korea, I looked for a program that was an internship program with Language course in China. That time, other Language course programs had already opened course, there was no opportunity to learn Chinese for me, however, fortunately through the internet I’ve known ChinaSemester that provided a lot of flexible opportunities for foreign students or someone who wants to intern in China.

    In my case, there is not any acquaintance in China, for that reason, I was a little bit suspicious about this company however, I could check everyday updated information from this website, moreover, if I have inquiries about how to proceed my preparation to staff of ChinaSemester, they reply me as soon as possible. This kind of service gave me trust and I expected pleased life in Beijing without problem.

    I have been in Beijing almost for 8 weeks. During my new china life, they still provide good...

    At the end of my freshmen year in university I was eager to gain some ‘real world’ experience and most of all, eager to get out of the small suburban town that was a bit too peaceful for my taste. So when I found the opportunity to intern in Beijing with MQF Educational Consulting Ltd. I jumped at the chance. Coming to China, I had the benefit of having relatives in the city and familiarity with the culture and language. Interning in China and experiencing the city by myself and on my own terms, however, was a first.

    Everyday it took me an hour each way by public transport to get to work and to get home from work. Despite the lengthy travel time, the bus rides passed surprisingly quickly as it allowed me to witness the rapid development of the city. Everyday, gleaming skyscrapers shooting into the sky, standing testaments to China’s transformation into a superpower of the world, shadowed my way to work. Being able to intern amidst...

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