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    Thank you very much Chinasemester for your help. The service is very quick. I apply for a job on the morning and a chinasemester hostess call me back on the afternoon. Two days after I had an interview and I got the job. Very convenient and quick service.

    Thank you China semester , I like my company and my job. My experience with China Semester was really pleasant and efficient.

    Im glad to be here in Hainan Airlines, the training has already started and lessons are very interesting, Im happy to have a good chance being a part of HNA team.
    Thank you, Chinasemester for the help!

    thank you very much for sending me this job offer! i would like to inform you that i was hired by that company, i got the job! thank you for yur help!

    After graduating from University of Toronto and set my mind to be a business interpreter in China, I came to the city full of challenges and opportunities. Thanks to Kevin, I was lucky enough to successfully secure a job in one of the biggest real estate company in Beijing as a business communication assistant. Kevin was very helpful and thoughful by providing me with alot of tips throughout my interview process. Ive never thought of getting onto the right route so quick, thank you Chinasemester, thank you Kevin!

    Id like to thank all the brilliant people who helped me out after my arrival in Beijing,especially Kevin whos a real Diamond Geezer! Cheers mate!

    ChinaSemester has truly enhanced my China experience!

    When I first came to Beijing, I had no idea where to start looking for a job. I found ChinaSemesters website and submitted my resume by email. Kevin contacted me immediately and treated me very professionally throughout the whole interviewing process.

    I began working my first job at a posh real estate development firm in Beijing, a job I could have never secured on my own. After realizing that the job was not a great fit for me, I contacted Kevin again and began a new job search. I am now working at a boutique investment bank firm in Beijing and my possibilities are endless.

    Thanks again, Kevin for all your hard work - I dont know where Id be without your service.

    I am very happy with my job and its package. Thank you ChinaSemester very much indeed!

    would really like to thank ChinaSemester for its great service in finding a suitable position for me on the basis of my profile. I received my degree in such a situation where most of the organizations are cutting their cost through freezing their recruitment due to global financial melt-down and recession. I was very worried about my career due to this situation. I was applying through many job portals in China. But, I found China Semester, more effective and professional among them. Mr. Kevin Mo, Managing director, ChinaSemester is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly for the placement service in China.
    I’m really very thankful to ChinaSemester and its management for providing a brilliant placement service in China. I hope they continue the same service level in the future.


    My experience with China Semester was surprisingly pleasant and efficient. Shortly after Kevin received my resume, he called me and we discussed several points in more detail. Later that day, we scheduled the first interview and within two weeks I had the job. Throughout the whole interaction with Kevin, I never detected even a hint of dishonest dealings or poor communication.

    Im now working at a top Chinese investment bank as the only non-Chinese staff in the company. My background in VC and entrepreneurship fit really well with the companys vision and Im learning so much about managing and being managed in a Chinese context. I meet regularly with C-level management from SOEs and foreign firms and am exposed to a wide range of projects. I also work with a team to publish a daily stock market analysis, so Im able to keep my finger on the daily pulse on the Chinese exchanges.

    The job is basically the perfect fit for my lo...

    At the time of writing my MBA thesis, I was looking for different website to find out a suitable job position. I’m greatly thankful to China Semester work it out. Wish their continuous success.

    It is hard to come up many things that are better for one’s education, future, and completeness as a human being than spending a good amount of time in a culture completely different from your own. For Westerners, there are few places more ideal to have such an experience than in China. It is a country filled with astounding natural beauty, rich history, powerful art, diverse cultures, once in a lifetime opportunities, and some of the greatest people on the planet.

    If you have the right connections to get you started, there are no limits to what you can learn, accomplish, and experience. The people at China Semester are truly some of the best connections you could ever want. My employment agent at China Semester found a job placement for me in which I am honestly being paid to live in a five-star hotel and be treated like a crown princess. In addition to being in a place where I get an amazing room, gourmet food, maid service, and lau...

    With my graduation out of the way and ecomomic crisis blooming all over the World, I was confused about my future like millions of people out there. Then, one of my friend introduced me to chinasemester. I saw lot of interesting job opportunities in this site. I applied to few of them and was contacted by Mr. Kevin as one of the short-listed candidates. Now, I have been with this company for the past 4 months and learning a lot about myself. This was all made possible with the help of chinasemster.
    Thanks and regards to chinasemesters family for helping people like me and others in finding jobs in China.

    Kanchan, NEPAL, Mill Representative in Zhenjiang,2008

    The China Semester team were very friendly and professional and were a great helping in finding a suitable position. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to broaden their China experience.

    After just recently graduating with a B.A. in International Relations and having studied Mandarin in the U.S., a start in China made the most practical sense for my career goals. It is no secret the current situation in China offers limitless opportunities, the only question for me then was where and how to find these opportunities. Upon arrival to Beijing, it is very easily to become overwhelmed by the sheer size and speed of the city, not to mention the initial culture shock as well. It is for this reason I contacted Chinasemester.

    Within days of sending Chinasemester the necessary documents, I received a phone call from Kevin regarding a possible job opening. At first I remained a little skeptical, as the quickness of Chinasemester seemed “too good to be true”, but as our contact continued over the next few days, I more and more became assured in the sincerity of Chinasemester’s service.

    Kevin personally picked me up and ac...

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