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    I just moved to China after graduating from a doctorate program in the United States, and after one month of unsuccessfully searching and applying for jobs by myself, Chinasemester and their professional agent Lena provided an excellent platform for new opportunities. They found a great match for me right away at a large American company, and I am now happily on my way to building a longterm career in China!

    I am very happy with the company and its policies, on top of that my colleagues are very professional and supportive. The location is also very nice, I like it and so does my wife. I appreciate your efforts in assisting both me and the company.

    Thanks to China Semester, I have just found a job of Customer representative for a well-known construction company in Guangzhou.
    I would like to thank China Semester and all their team for help and advise to successfully help me to get the job that I was looking for

    I would like to say thank you for all of your help in finding me the job. I was searching for a job for about 4 months before getting in contact with China semester, and you helped me find the job within weeks. Furthermore Im amazed at home suited the job is for me. Thank you again for all your help and I will definitely lets my friends who are searching for jobs know about China Semester.

    After studying in Hong Kong for four months I was hooked on China. I wanted to get a summer job but I was worried that this would prove very difficult. I applied to a Classified Ad from ChinaSemester and it was plain sailing from there on. I remained in regular contact and got essential help and advice along the way, particularly from ChinaSemester's Lena. I soon secured a job in Wuxi and I am very happy. I conclude that this is a fantastic agency and entirely trustworthy. A+++++

    It is always a great pleasure to cooperate with professionals and ChinaSemester is sure one of them. Especially I'd like to express my gratitude to Lena, who helped me much in my job seeking. Actually, the whole "searching" job part was done by her and ChinaSemester team. The only thing I had to do, was to take my passport and other papers and be on time for the interview. Plus I'm really amazed by how Lena managed to recommend me the job, that suits me that well! To tell you&nbs...

    Chinasemester did a fantastic job throughout my interview process and served as a great asset while I was beginning my new job in Guangzhou. It is an excellent communicator and is sure to help you secure the job you are pursuing. Many thanks, Chinasemester!

    I've been living in China for almost two years and I know that there are many agencies assisting foreigners in finding suitable job offers. However, using job agencies in foreign countries always makes me feel uneasy and suspicious because there are people who often want to take the adventage of you. Therefore, I am writing to those who are yet unsure if they should use the services of ChinaSemester, because this particular agency is professional by all means. Their agent, Lena, got in touch with me immediately to discuss&n...

    Congratulations to chinasemester.com for efficiency and speed, and a particularis to Chinasemester team for your professionalism. In only two weeks, you find a job that matches exactly to my Profile. Thank you very much!


    I would like to say that I am very happy and satisfied with the job I got trough Chinasemseter the fantastic website that helps foreigners to find a job in China. I also have to say that I was so surprised with the efficient service and kindness of Lena. I really appreciate that you recommend this job to me. I indeed thankful to Chinasemester and especially Lena. I will recommend Chinasemester services to any foreigner that is looking for a suitable job in China. I believe is the best choice.

    I would like to thanks chinasemester. and to miss Elaine who is so kind and helpful for me, to get a better job in china. excellent service quick feedback. thanks again, this all because of the employee of chinasemester so talented with good communication skill's helps foriener's to be a part of any organization in china. a lot blessing to chinasemester and his employee.

    I do really appreciated the cooperation with Chinasemester and would like to thank Kevin for quick and effective help. It goes without saying that Chinasemester is the best chance for foreign candidates to get a desired job in China.

    I just want to say chinasemester is great! I am very happy with my job, my boss and colleagues like me! I am really thankfull for chinasemester, because they did many things for me!

    I like very much your agency, i think its the best agency in China, those helps to resolve such big problem for foreigners as to find job. Its really makes life in China much easy, as it so difficult to get good job in China. And you, i'm so appreciated, its second time you helped me to get job. You are so professional, enthusiastic,responsible . Thank you very much for everything!!! I will work so hard,don't lose this opportunity,to make you proud!!!

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