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    I've been living in China for almost two years and I know that there are many agencies assisting foreigners in finding suitable job offers. However, using job agencies in foreign countries always makes me feel uneasy and suspicious because there are people who often want to take the adventage of you. Therefore, I am writing to those who are yet unsure if they should use the services of ChinaSemester, because this particular agency is professional by all means. Their agent, Lena, got in touch with me immediately to discuss my needs and expectations from the potential employer and assisted me thoughout all the process. She got in touch with the employer and negotiated very good working benefits for me and contacted me straigh away every time I sent her an email or a text message. I am very pleased with her assistance because I found the job that suits my expectations and personality. I am very grateful to ChinaSemester and I can assure all of you being interested in using their services, that their agents are professional, very reliable and, what's the most important, honest. Thus, go ahead and contact them, because I am confident thay may help you as they did in my case. Once again, Lena, thanks a lot!

    Edyta, Poland, hired in Dongguan, 2015


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