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    Position: HR Director(code 181015B) 
    Company profile: It is a group of senior network experts with years of practical experience.  
    Number of position:
    Year(s) Experience Required:
    Location: (Shanghai)  
    Type of job:
    Job Category:  Human Resources
    Preferred date of Start:
    Duties: 1. Implement the recruitment plan according to the needs of each department, and organize the implementation to meet the needs of each department;
    2. Have a deep understanding of the team's business model, carry out the recruitment of domestic and overseas talents efficiently, and be responsible for the quality and efficiency of recruitment.
    3. Fully responsible for the business management of overseas recruitment teams, driving the whole recruitment process;
    4. Responsible for refreshing and maintaining recruitment websites, resume screening, resume search, Pitch, interview arrangement and offer negotiation according to job requirements;
    5. Studied job requirements, analyzed recruitment data, and improved conversion rate and signing volume.

    Requirements: 1. IDC industry background, overseas talent recruitment and overseas learning experience;
    2. Familiar with office operating software: office, word, excel and PPT;
    3. Have 3-5 years of overseas recruitment and management experience, fluent spoken English, can be used as daily working language, strong cross-cultural awareness, and have deep thinking and understanding of overseas talent recruitment
    4. Have strong ability to manage medium and foreign teams; Ability to analyze and identify talents, calm and objective analysis and judgment;
    5. Strong affinity, good service awareness and communication skills;
    6. Rigorous working attitude and strong sense of responsibility;
    7. Strong anti-pressure ability and strong crisis management ability;
    8. Strong team awareness, good at team building and teamwork.

    What to offer: Negotiable
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