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    Position: HR Manager(code 180528) 
    Company profile: It is focused on the innovation on investment strategies.
    Number of position:
    Year(s) Experience Required:
    Location: (Shenzhen, Guangdong)  
    Type of job:
    Job Category:  Human Resources
    Preferred date of Start:
    Duties: 1.Participate in the formulation of human resources strategic planningļ¼ŒProviding advice and information support for major personnel decisions
    2.Organize the formulation, implementation and supervision of the personnel management system of the company;
    3.Assist Human Resources Director to make the corresponding job description and make corresponding changes according to the need of company position adjustment to ensure that the job description matches the actual position;
    4.According to the needs of departmental staff,propose internal staff allocation plan(including go in and go out staff},after the examination and approval of the superiors, the optimization of the staffs should be promoted.
    5.Make the recruitment plan, the recruitment procedure, carry on the preliminary interview and screening, and do the coordination between the various departments,etc
    6.According to the company's performance management requirements ,formulate evaluation policies,organization and implementation of performance management, supervise and control the performance evaluation process of every department, solve the problems in time, make the performance evaluation system put into practice, and constantly improve the performance management system.
    7.Formulate salary policies and promotion policies, organize salary reviews and promotion reviews, formulate social security policies, and handle social security benefits
    8.Organize and assist in staff training procedures
    9.Cooperate with the director of human resources to establish the staff development system, and conduct daily management of the staff development.

    Requirements: - Bachelor's degree in human resources, management or related majors.
    Training experience:
    - Training in modern human resource management technology, labor regulations, financial accounting knowledge and management ability development.
    - More than 5 years of related work experience in human resource management.

    What to offer: Negotiable
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