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    Position: JAVA &COBOL(code 160720E) 
    Company profile: It is China's leading large-scale integrated software and information services company, founded in 2000  
    Number of position:
    Year(s) Experience Required:
    Location: (Xian, Shaanxi)  
    Type of job:
    Job Category:  Information Technology
    Preferred date of Start:
    Duties: -According to the requirements of the product, to do the product design, development and maintenance
    -Responsible for the design and coding of the core modules
    -Analyze and solve the difficult problems encountered in the work
    -Guide daily work and help to solve problems of intern
    -Help junior engineers to solve problems in the work.

    Requirements: - Engaged in JAVA software development work for more than three years
    - Have a good professional attitude, and work positively.
    - Proficient in Java and J2EE architecture, and understand of object-oriented programming ideas
    - Familiar with the commonly used development model
    - Proficient in Spring, SpringMVC, MyBatis and other commonly used development framework, and master MVC development model
    - Good command of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and master HTML5, CSS3 proficiently is better.
    - Master JQuery, AngularJs, Dojo and other front-end framework is better
    - Proficient in eclipse, maven, JUnit, SVN and other commonly used development tools
    - Master the use of Oracle, MySql and other commonly used database
    - Familiar with Linux/Unit operating system
    - Familiar with agile, DevOps development model is better
    - Have a strong self-learning ability, good problem solving skills, and able to understand and deal with more complex logic
    - CET-4, higher listening and speaking ability is better

    What to offer: Negotiable

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