• Basic Info of Candidate
    Candidates ID A-19710 Date of Uploading 2018/3/20
    Age 27 Gender Female
    Vietnamese Highest Degree M.A. or M.S. Degree
    Subject Major English
    Mother Tongue(s) Vietnamsese
    Other foreign language(s)
    English , French
    Proficiency of Chinese Language No knowledge
    Current Residence 
    Not in China
    Previous Working Experience 9 years
    Previous Working/Study Experience in China
    < 1 year
    Industries that you ever worked in Education/Teaching/Administration
    Career/personal highlights Experienced and highly trained professional teacher focused on working with young learners.
    Educational background includes a MA-TESOL from Victoria University and a CELTA.
    9+ years of experience teaching English and French in one-on-one and small group settings.
    Plans and delivers fun and interactive lessons including phonics, guided reading and oral
    English. Dedicated to continuous improvement through post-class reflection and adoption of
    new strategies to improve teaching quality. Provides students with a comfortable learning
    environment through understanding, positivity, patience and personal warmth.
    What This Candidate Wants
    Category Job
    Preferred Location(s) ( Any city in China )
    Desired Field(s)
    Education/Language Teaching
    Desired salary/stipend Negotiable
    Preferred Start Date
    I can start to work in one month if a perfect job available.
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