• Basic Info of Candidate
    Candidates ID A-19395 Date of Uploading 2017/9/7
    Age 28 Gender Female
    Kazakhstani Highest Degree B.A. or B.S. Degree
    Subject Major Tourism/hospitality
    Mother Tongue(s) Russian
    Other foreign language(s)
    English , Chinese-Mandarin
    Proficiency of Chinese Language Medium
    Current Residence 
    Hangzhou, Zhejiang
    Previous Working Experience 2 years
    Previous Working/Study Experience in China
    5 years
    Industries that you ever worked in Hotel/Resort
    Career/personal highlights To obtain knowledge of the day-to-day work of a hotel and tourism business through a part time job, internship and/or job shadowing experience.
    What This Candidate Wants
    Category Job
    Preferred Location(s) ( Hangzhou, Zhejiang )
    Desired Field(s)
    Hotel/Tourism , Education/Language Teaching
    Desired salary/stipend Negotiable
    Preferred Start Date
    I am looking for job now, 'd like to work ASAP.
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